An offer whereby the offeror agrees to be bound in consideration of an act to be done by the offeree, and in such a case the doing of the act constitutes the acceptance of the offer and furnishes the consideration.  Ordinarily, there is no need to notify the offeror of the acceptance of such an offer, for the doing of the act is a sufficient acceptance, and the offeror knows that he is bound when he sees that action has been taken on the faith of the offer.  However, if the act is of such a kind that knowledge of it will not quickly come to the offeror, the offeree is bound to give the offeror notice of his acceptance within a reasonable time after doing that which constitutes the acceptance.  In such a case, it is implied in the offer that, to complete the contract, notice shall be given with due diligence, so that the offeror may know that a contract has indeed been made.

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