Tenant’s Duties

In general, a tenant is required to keep the leased premises in reasonably good repair. In other words, a tenant must do no more and no less than what is necessary to maintain the premises.

  • A tenant must not commit what is known as waste, nor engage in overt acts harming the premises.
  • A tenant will also be liable for a pattern of neglect, and for any harm resulting from failure to keep up the premises.
  • The tenant must pay rent pursuant to the terms of the lease.

If the tenant has breached their duty to pay rent, the landlord can either:

  • Sue for rent
  • Move to evict the tenant through appropriate judicial proceedings

The landlord must not engage in any acts of self-help, such as changing the locks, removing the tenant’s belongings, or attempting to forcibly remove the tenant. Self-help is flatly outlawed, and is punishable both civilly and criminally.