How to Save Money in College

Students know how hard it is to cope up with the rising costs of everyday living. Since they usually depend on monetary allowance from their parents or guardians it can really be a challenge for students to save. However saving money is easy especially if you are innately practical! Here are some good ways for college students to save on their money.

Being in college means having to buy expensive books that on the average cost $60.
But you don’t need to buy expensive books when you can find affordable one over in the Internet. There’s the website,, which is a good avenue for you to find very cheap books. It also allows you to compare prices of books in different websites.

If the said website is not enough, you can go to, which is an Internet community where you can find good and cheap books online. What’s more it is focused specifically to schools, and you can be assured that the buy is confidential and safe. Of course you can always search for cheap book sources around school. A lot of students sell their old, used books which they offer in low prices.

The prices of gas have also increased so you should commute! Ask your friends to commute with you so you can save a few precious dollars. If you can’t find someone who will commute with you then try to find a cheap gas station. Websites like or is good sources of information on where to get inexpensive gas. If you live near the campus then you can try to bike or walk instead of bringing your car.

You can also save money if you chose to pack food instead of buying food at school. Food items sold at school are usually expensive so it can do you a lot of good if you choose to pack your lunch instead. Plus you can get to choose healthier food for you.

Of course school expenses start with the rising costs of tuition fees. The high tuition fees these days are one of the prime reasons why many people forgo college. But you can always seek financial help elsewhere. You can go to which can give you financial aid for your studies. Signing up can also enable you to be qualified for Cal Grants, a program that gives rewards to deserving students each year.