How To Organize Your College Applications

College is a completely different field from high school. There is a lot more pressure and responsibilities you will be dealing with. So make a good head start by organizing your college applications. The summer prior to your senior year is considered the most opportune time to organize your college applications.

First you should do a list of important events regarding your college applications like aptitude tests, application deadlines, among others. You should be aware of these important details so that you can plan ahead.

You can then decide if you want to request for early admission. This basically increases your chances of being accepted into your selected college, while it can also limit your options. Students can apply as early as November. However the plans are binding, since you have to withdraw other applications you’ve filed in case you get accepted in an early decision plan. You can then narrow down the list into top six colleges, depending on your preference.

Keep your things organized by keeping copies of correspondence and applications in separate folders. Keep a list of important contact persons and their contact numbers.

Always fill out your applications thoroughly. Don’t forget too to list your extra curricular activities, and give detailed information by highlighting contributions and accomplishments.

Take your essay seriously. It is one of the more critical portions of any examination. You should answer the question being asked. Always focus on what you are highlighting, and if you can give out clear examples, the better. You also need to show some creativity and individuality since most admission committees want to see the real you. You can also give out copies of your applications through mail, just in case you are required to prove they were sent out on time.

You can also get a big help from your teachers and counselors if they provide you with letters of recommendation. You can also seek the help of a college alumnus or trustee. The letter however should be direct to the point. Make sure these letters of recommendation are given on time.

Ask your guidance office to provide you with first semester grades during your final year in high school. After the end of school year, make sure you get the final transcript of your grades.

In case you are wait listed, let the authorities know that you are still interested by sending them your spring grades.