Larcenous Intent

The intent to steal.  A larcenous intent exists where a person knowingly takes and carries away the goods of another without any claim or pretense of right, with intent wholly to deprive the owner of them or convert them to his/her own use.

“Intent is rarely susceptible of direct proof and must be inferred from a consideration of all of the facts and circumstances shown by the evidence. Proof of intent may consist of reasonable inferences drawn from affirmatively established facts.  Deciding the existence of a larcenous intent on the part of him who takes property from its owner is the function of the trier of fact.  Thus, if the evidence is sufficient to justify a reasonable inference that such intent existed, [the appellate] court will not disturb the finding of the trial judge.”  People v. Crain, 255 Cal.App.2d 726, 729 (1967).

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