What is an Elder College?

Even the elderly need education despite their advanced age. Elder college caters to adults normally above 50 years of age, but who still are vibrant and willing to learn. It is also referred to as senior citizen college.

Elder college may operate with a traditional college or considered simply a separate entity. Elder colleges get help from the expertise of professionals although seniors can also conduct lessons on areas they are expert with. Typically elder college is supervised by an organizing body consisting of teachers and students, and who may decide the type of curriculum that the elder college will provide.

There are times when an elder college joins hands with a vibrant senior center, or a local community college that can help in expanding the choices of classes. A lot of community colleges provide free lectures on a wide variety of issues that the elderly would like to attend. Senor centers can also organize transportation services to those who have problems in transportation and mobility.

Elder college is usually not an accredited organization but it can partner with an accredited college. Since it is not an endorsed organization people attending the classes will not receive a degree.

Elder college which taps teachers from its community of elders does not guarantee the same topnotch education as that of a college or university. However the subjects are more specific to the interest of the students. A senior citizen, for example, who teaches on life in Germany, is often someone who had been to Germany for a significant amount of time. Comfort level is also more existence in peer teaching as compared to those in the typical college setting.

An elder college can also offer more interesting and engaging topics that appeal to seniors. The courses are focused on things that a senior citizen can relate. For example fiction is offered instead of beginning college English course.

Elder colleges do not focus on following any distinct curriculum. The focus is instead on promoting lifelong learning. Elder colleges provide a good opportunity for senior citizens to learn things they have overlooked when they were younger. Senior citizens usually feel the urge to learn more especially since they now have the time to do so. Likewise, elder colleges provide an environment for senior citizens to socialize with their peers. It can also be a good avenue for them to change, grow, develop, and learn.