How to Easily Transfer to a Four-Year College

A lot of students start their higher education by earning Associate’s degree at a community college. They then transfer to a college for their Bachelor’s degree. Some however take up a four year degree course but end up transferring to another institution to complete their program. Transferring to a college offering a four year course can be confusing. How does one go about it? Here are simple steps.

Bring along the official college transcripts. Then talk to an academic counselor to help you plan your course schedule. The counselor should be able to tell you which course credits are likely to be transferred to a 4-year college. Always keep in touch with the academic counselor so you can make sure that you are on track with the course selections, and also have further advice as you go along with your transfer to another school.

Then select a college where most of the credits will be transferred. Usually states have transfer modules to help facilitate easier transfer of students from one institution to another. But private colleges do not adhere to statewide modules, and thus these colleges may not accept the transfer credits normally accepted by a public university.

Be sure that you apply at least 9 months before you enroll at your selected 4 year college. Ask college admissions personnel on how to apply. You can also apply for financial aid from federal, state, and school sources. Make sure you know their appropriate deadlines.

You also need to get in touch with the advising unit of the college you are transferring to. Set up a discussion with their academic counselor so you can be briefed properly. Usually many colleges employ transfer counselors tasked to help incoming students in their transfer requirements and processes.

Then make request copies of the official transcripts. You can ask the records and registration unit of your current school for this requirement. These documents are necessary especially if you are to meet the academic counselor of the college you are transferring to. Transcripts are utilized to ascertain the courses where you will get credit at the school you are transferring to.

But it is always good to have an alternate school in mind especially if you fail to hurdle the requirements of your first choice of school. You might also want to check out books and notes on transfer school processes at your current college’s library.

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